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Health Pledge Pledged by Group
I pledge to run 3 times each week
walking zoe
move more Sue Mills Manchester Museum
Wellbeing L Manchester Museum
Share my feelings Lisa B Manchester Museum
Eat better Roy G Manchester Museum
To take the stairs instead of the lift and go to Zumba Sarah Wilcox Manchester Museum
Swim once a fortnight Vicky S Manchester Museum
Keep my weight off by low calorie intake & exercise Paul S Manchester Museum
Meditate 15 mins for 5 days per week Ruquia Manchester Museum
Adopt a healthy lifestyle Megan MMU Nursing student
Walking to School Dean Marjoram
Go for a walk each lunchtime Olly NHS IQ
More cycling! Kathy NHSIQ
Fruit Kate Pound NHSIQ
To stop having sugar in hot drinks Zoe
Stepping out! Horizons at NHS IQ
Doing something completely out of my comfort zone to get healthier & happier Jodi Brown NHS Improving Quality
Fruit in the office Helen Bevan
Ensure I get 3 hours a week of exercise Jenny
Walk a mile
increase activity Hollie Manchester metropolitan university
To deal with stress better Emma Holroyd Manchester metropolitan university adult nursing
Improve overall fitness. MMU Student Nurse S15
Take Control!! Christeena G MMU
a pound for a pound! Paula MMU
Clear mind. Gabriella Catania Manchester Metropolitan Nursing Student
No more!! Sarah smart MMU
Staying healthy. Patricia Imafidon Manchester Metropolitan University (Nursing Student)