Tips - Activity

Take the stairs rather than the lift

A study by the  European Society of Cardiology suggests that taking the stairs rather than the lift can reduce your risk of premature death by 15% and is likely to reduce your waistline also.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore you can even do it as a couch potato

Get moving during your favourite TV shows, skip, dance, go up and down some stairs, run on the spot—anything that gets your heart rate up so you feel somewhat breathless, Do it for each 2-minute break during a typical 2-hour TV night and you'll burn an extra 270 calories a day—which can translate to a 28-pound weight loss in a year.

Improve your memory and make new friends

Memory, like muscular strength, requires you to “use it or lose it.” The more you work your brain, the better you will be able to process and remember information. The best brain exercising activities break your routine and challenge you to use and develop new brain pathways. Try changing the way you approach something; try a new route if you are walking the dog, or try changing the days on which you do things at home. Activities that require using your hands are a great way to exercise your brain.

If you have asthma

Take up a sport. Swimming is the most asthma-friendly sport of all, but cycling, canoeing, fishing, sailing and walking are also good, according to the experts. Asthma need not hinder peak performance in sport in 2012 1% of the US Olympic team were asthmatics – and between them they won 41 medals.