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Health Pledge Pledged by Group
Be more healthy St George's Primary School
Eat healthy St George's Primary School
Less stress AH Murray St George's Primary School
Get fit Tas St George's Primary School
Get more fit EJ St George's Primary School
Get more sleep J St George's Primary School
Be an active GP Dr Ollie Hart Sloan medical centre
To keep making time for the night classes and exercise ART
Sugar swap Sharon P
Embrace the fishes! Sarah O'Donnell @sarah_searz
No snacks after 8.30pm Steve Howard Celesio UK
Finally doing it. Nick Cork
fit for practice Jake Matthews @QuID_UK
Use the stairs and climb my own Everest
Exercise and diet I Artingstall Thornley House Medical Centre
No Snacking After 8PM Olive O'Connor MediStori
Weightloss marathon - step one Tracy E
Walk a little further..... Melanie B healthy Living Proect- Hyde
Going on a bike Karen Birch
Less sugar intake octopus
Tai Chi JV
Running E 4th Denton Brownies
Running D 4th Denton Brownies
Running R 4th Denton Brownies
Swimming Louise Seal
I pledge to do physio exercises 5 days a week lasting 10 Joyce Batey
Eat better & exercise SR Clarendon
Stop smoking Paul Drinkwater Clarendon
Exercise R Akerman Clarendon
Eat better Ann Tabner Clarendon