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Health Pledge Pledged by Group
To exercise 3 x a week. B.M. M. Rickson Memorial Conference
To eat a better diet. M.W. M. Rickson Memorial Conference
To cycle to work more often. M.Rickson Memorial Conference
To use the stairs at work at least once a day(101 steps). Ian Williamson NHS Values Group Manchester
To do more exercise. Ann Day Devo Manc
To walk with my wife once a week. Devo Manc
To lose my university belly (firm up). Conor Dowling Devo Manc
To exercise each day a little bit, not just sit at my des Amy C. Newbery Devo Manc
To drink one glass of wine less each week. A.G. Devo Manc
To take the stairs to the 4th floor. R.P. Devo Manc
To take the stairs at work everyday. Devo Manc
To reduce my alcohol intake. J Leonard Devo Manc
To cut out gluten. S Watson Devo Manc
To run three times a week working towards 5km. J Devo Manc
To walk more and drive less. Geoff Saunders Devo Manc
To reducefood intake. Could do with lots less. Eat for ne B A Devo Manc
To walk my dog every day for at least half an hour. Devo Manc
To walkto get my boat to work instea Mandy Tyson Devo Manc
To eat fewer potatoes Dr Jim Devo Manc
To take up yoga. A
To excercise more regularly every week. Colin Devo Manc
To excercise more MH Devo Manc
To walk more MC
Take the stairs not the lift
To stop smoking Joan Winter
To take more excercise Judith Devo Manc
To excercise at least once a week. Devo Manc
To walk 1 1/2 miles a day. Sir Sam Everington Devo Manc
I pledge to take more exercise Judith
Watching the units Helen Morris