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Your Health Pledge Title is used when listing the pledges on the website so making it interesting will encourage others to read more about your pledge.

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Enter your name here if you want your name displayed with your pledge. If you wish to remain anonymous then do not enter anything here.
Please set the privacy for your Health Pledge. It can be Private so that only you can see it (when logged in to the website) or Public so that everybody can see it and who made it.
Optional space to enter the group or organisation you belong to so that others interested in the group can more easily find Health Pledges from other members of the group.
If you enter your email address we will keep you informed about how the Health Pledge campaign is going. We will not share or sell your email address and only the admin team will be able to view it. Please see for more details.
We would love to know where people find out about Health Pledge so please tell us where you first heard about it.

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