Doing something completely out of my comfort zone to get healthier & happier


My 4 and 7 year old daughters have recently started mixed martial arts. My 7 year old attends a family class that is for anyone aged 7+ but up till now, I've sat and watched from the benches (with great pride, I hasten to add!)

"Why don't you join in the class, Mummy?"

I explained it's really not my thing...I'm too unfit...look bad in karate kid gear...would rather drink a coffee...

All excuses aside, why not? It's not like other forms of exercise are "my thing!"

So, tonight, I will be joining my 7yo in the family martial arts class and giving it my best. Don't tell her, but I'm actually really looking forward to it! I'm hoping I survive it so can make it my new mission of becoming a black belt!

Jodi Brown

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