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Health Pledge Pledged by Group
Improve myself T I Hyde Community Action
Healthy living Hyde Community Action
Healthy living H S Hyde Community Action
Healthy living H A Hyde Community Action
Choose Healthy S M Hyde Community Action
Weight training Thomas Hunt
Reduce alcohol intake
To eat more fresh vegetables ann barnes Stockport NHS Foundation Trust
Get up from sitting every hour Vicci Owen-Smith
Decluttering Glenys Donneybrook medical centre
Do a course C Watson Thornley House Medical Centre
Regular exercise Joanne
Lose weight and be more healthy James Sumner Stockport NHS Foundation Trust
Lose half a stone by Easter Catherine Macadam BMA PLG
Work life balance
Exercise DVDs Michaela Atherton-Davies
Reduced sugar intake Emma Parrott
Train for and complete my second Keswick Long triathlon Richard Fitton
30 mins walking twice a week Samantha Lakeman
eating regular meals with regular breaks at work
Reduce alcohol
Jogging every day Chelsea Scott
Seniors healthy lifestyle Joe and Joyce Chatterton
badminton Akash Karki GPC
Alcohol Marcus GPC
Chocolate Intake:Sugar my arch enemy! NHS
to get fitter by walking etc and lose weight Joan Lee hyde walking groups
My time... Gail Marie
Get back on my bike!