Tom's health pledge - to remain in the best mental, social land physical well-being I can


My health pledge is to remain in the best state of well-being that I can, that state including all the aspects of well-being such as mental health, social well-being and physical health. 

To maintain my mental health I'm going to make sure I keep the best balance between my work self and my personal self, never getting too stressed out and those times when I do be sure to take a moment to relax and de-stress. 

To help maintain my social well-being I'm going to make sure I keep close to my friends and also try to socialize with the new people that I meet whether it be on my course or in practice. 

To help maintain my physical health I'm going to start taking place in recreational and maybe competitive sports around the university but also try to eat healthy and take a break from nights out every once in a while to make sure I'm not over doing it. 

With these simple lifestyle changes I don't see any reason why my well-being will not stay in tip-top condition for the foreseeable future. 

Tom Clough

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Student Nurses