myself and heathprofessionals working together learning from each other with the chronic health conditions i live with


My Health Pledge to myself is that i will work with health professionals in partnership with mysef to learn educate about all the chronic conditions that i live with 24/7 and make improvements to my physical emotional and mental health wellbieng. What i would like from the health professioals that i work with woud be an understanding of my medical conditons, medication and the side affects that it can cause to my body and how i can make my body deal with these side affects to look after myself better and if their is altrnatives which are more natural to my bodies system to look after it and heal itself in a more natural way. That healh professionals will be respectful at all times and honest if their is nothing they can do about a chronic condiion but can sign post me to other organsations that have the same conditions to help and educate myself. I would like to help doctors nurses understand the symtoms i live with and educate so we learn and grow together.

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