More research in the news about increasing activity in small steps

The benefits of activity are well known but many people struggle to be active at all and see the official advice of two and a half  hours of activity a week as impossible to achieve. Unfortunately that official recommendation puts them off trying to be even a little bit more active in their daily lives. As seen in our previous blog article increasing activity for the inactive by even a small amount can bring a marked improvement in their health.

Two new articles in the British Medical Journal support the view of the Health Pledge Team that small steps towards a healthier you are more realistic and therefore more beneficial than aiming for a target that seems impossible to achieve. It is important to find what works for you and fits in with your life so look for small steps to help you get healthier. Small steps in the right direction will not only make you healthier but, over time, you may even find you can increase and actually achieve the official guidelines which once seemed impossible.

So whatever you feel you can do, be it more activity, a change of lifestyle or improving your diet, take those small steps and start your journey to better health today!

Here is a BBC News article on the studies.