Life with Covid-19

All of us will have had our lives disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. No matter if we are still working or if we are used to being at home all day, things have changed dramatically and many of us are finding it hard to adapt to the changes.

Many people are fearful of catching the virus or know somebody who has had it and have heard first-hand how unpleasant it can be. Our fantastic frontline health workers and carers are doing their very best, often in difficult circumstances, to care for those with the virus and also to look after those without.

Hospitals and GP surgeries have adapted their ways of working to ensure that they can continue to provide appropriate care to those in need but there has been a significant reduction in demand from those without the virus. That brings with it concerns that people in the community, fearful of catching the virus if they ask for medical help, are suffering in silence in the hope that the symptoms they have are not of importance. We have already seen a delay in people seeking treatment and that will nearly always make treatment more challenging.

It is crucial that people continue to contact their GP or call NHS 111 with their medical concerns and allow a professional to decide on the most appropriate course of action. Without that there is a significant risk that people with serious conditions will not get the help they need or require more help when they do get in touch later on.

Let’s all help each other by following a few easy steps

  • Get in touch for advice or help when it may be needed
  • Follow the rules on social distancing
  • Maintain high levels of personal hygiene, especially washing hands regularly, all the more important after having been to the shops
  • Order repeat medication in good time
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, 750,000 volunteers have stepped up to help people just like you
  • Try to stick to some sort of routine as the structure will help you
  • Try to spend some time outside each day, exercising in a way that is right for you but sticking to the social distancing rules
  • Look out for each other and offer support or advice on how to get support if needed
  • Keep in touch with others via any of the various online options (try a new one if you like and see how you get on)

Those having to shield can register for extra help here

And don’t forget the practice website has a wealth of information which is added too regularly

Stay safe, follow the advice and seek help if needed or you are unsure!

The Health Pledge Team

We've added a couple of videos as well if you'd like to see us