190 mile ultra-race for the Brain Tumour Charity


I am aiming to run the Northern Traverse, http://www.northerntraverse.com/  a 190 mile ultra-race aolong Wainwrights coast to coast route from St Bees in the west to Robin Hood's Bay in the east. This will start on Monday 30th May, 2016 and I have 118 hours to complete it - just under five days.

This will be a gruelling event both in the training and more so the event itself.  I will be pushing my boundaries into territory I've never been and I'm interested to see how that works out. 

I haven't always been able to run. When I started, more than 25 years ago it took me four weeks of run-walk intervals before I could manage a very slow continuous run around a one mile block. And until four years ago I'd never done any fell running and never run more than about seven miles. And even then I've had an on-off relationship with running through the years.  Home life, work,being a taxi to children, looking after ageing parents who become ill all take their toll. It's very easy for people, women in particular to  forget to look after themselves, not just in the here and now but for the future. And, if we want to avoid being a statistic with a chronic condition when we are in our 70s and 80s, we need to start earlier in life. However,it's never too late to start to take care of yourself.

Running keeps me fit  and well; It's good physical exercise ut also excellent for stress relief. I regularly meet lovely new people on the fells or at events and I can eat cake without worrying, as I know some people do.

I have lost close family and friends to primary brain tumour and this run is me doing my bit to raise money for much needed research but also to raise awareness of this awful condition. To help me do this I have started a website which will give an account of my training, the highs and the lows, information about brain tumour and also light hearted views on aspects of running and oh so much more over time.

I don't know what this run is going to demand of me but it's a journey I'm taking in more ways than one for a good cause. I'd be very pleased if you'd like to follow my journey and maybe even take a walk yourself - let me know how you get on.

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Angela White

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